The leading manufacturer of canvas parts for collectors military vehicles.
Made in England from top quality US Military specification canvas, our products are sold all over the world.

MB/GPW 1/2 doors with original fasteners back in stock!

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Welcome to our website.
You have found the home of American canvas in Europe.
We are a family business that evolved from a hobby to become the leading supplier of canvas parts for US military vehicles (see more about us). We specialise in the manufacture of tops, tarpaulins, doors and curtains, seat cushions and webbing straps for the US soft skin vehicles of WWII, some armour and the postwar Jeeps M38 to Mutt151.
    We use high quality military specification canvas, webbing and hardware 95% of which is sourced in USA.


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   Our patterns have built up over 34 years of manufacture, quality and authenticity of materials, construction and careful assembly are our great concern.
    We sell worldwide, we have customers in every country where US vehicles are collected. We will quote you for orders large or small, delivered to your door.
    We would love to send you a canvas sample, e-mail or phone us and it will be on its way!
British and EU retail customers vat will be charged at the standard rate

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